Hausaufgabe – Schreibuebung fuer 6ten Oktober

  Fokus S.109, Ü7c

  –Schreib eine Einladung für deine nächste Geburtstagsparty! 

(Write an invitation to yout next birthday party)  Use the model invitation on P.109 of the Fokus book to help you structure your invitation.  Remember to adapt yout language though, so that it is correct for you.

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Vokabeln – Ausgehen

vocab 2

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Coursework: Assignment 1 – 1st Draft for 29th Sept 2009

Please find below the suggested information to include in your assignment.  Remember that you can use your resources and dictionaries to help you produce an excellent, accurate piece of writing, BUT you cannot use translation software (i.e. Google Translator) nor can you ask your friends or teachers to correct work and help you.  Please submit your first draft (hand-written) by 29th September for 11B and 1st October for 11A.  I have enclosed the Powerpoint that we went through last week which talks about the rules for the assignment.

assignment one - jobs

lesson 5 – assignment setting

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Teilzeitjobs – Part-time Jobs

part-time jobs vocab

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Improving your Writing

improving your work

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Verbs with ‘zu’ – Practice Exercise

Complete the following sentences either with or without using ‘zu’, then click on the thumbnail to check your answers.

verbs with zu

verbs with zu answers

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Verben mit ‘zu’ (Verbs which take ‘zu’)

Below are some phrases that you may want to use when talking about future plans and intentions:

verbs with  and without zu

Notice that we use ‘zu’ in some sentences when we use two verbs.  There are some exceptions:  Modal verbs and tenses – these do not use ‘zu’.

If you use ‘zu’, you need to split the sentence into two parts divided by a comma:

e.g.  Ich hoffe, Arzt zu werden.           

The direct translation would then be ‘I hope  doctor to become’, but we would say ‘I hope to become a doctor’.

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Hausaufgaben – Schreibuebung – 10/09/09

Write a short composition in German answering the questions below:

homework - jobs writing

English translations:

1. Where did you do your placement?
2.How did you find it?
3. What was good / bad?
4. What did you learn?
5. What were the people like?
6. What sort of person are you?
7. What would you like to do in the future?

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Hausaufgaben – Jobvokabeln 10/09/09

jobs vocab

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