meMy name is Jane Driver.  I am a languages teacher at Comberton Village College near Cambridge.  This page has been constructed for my students to support them in their learning and to assist them in their organisation.



  1. Lewis Mancer replied:

    I love the German blog – So much easier than sheets and it is accessible anywhere!

  2. janedriver replied:

    Glad you like it Lewis! 🙂

  3. Lewis Mancer replied:

    Ms Driver,

    When will the Easter work be available to see? as I am going away tomorrow and will probably have limited internet access no ability to print, therefore it will probably be difficult for me to do.


    Lewis M, 10.2

  4. janedriver replied:

    Hi Lewis, it is all on the site now!

  5. sean spencer replied:

    heya mrs driver
    Just wondering when the holiday vokab will be up?

  6. janedriver replied:

    Hi Sean,

    Sorry, I have been very busy – here it is!

    Fr. D 🙂

  7. Kaitlyn Morrison replied:

    Hello Miss. Driver,

    I am just wondering when the slide about the ideal town is going to be posted onto the blog.


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