Verbs with ‘zu’ – Practice Exercise

Complete the following sentences either with or without using ‘zu’, then click on the thumbnail to check your answers.

verbs with zu

verbs with zu answers

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Verben mit ‘zu’ (Verbs which take ‘zu’)

Below are some phrases that you may want to use when talking about future plans and intentions:

verbs with  and without zu

Notice that we use ‘zu’ in some sentences when we use two verbs.  There are some exceptions:  Modal verbs and tenses – these do not use ‘zu’.

If you use ‘zu’, you need to split the sentence into two parts divided by a comma:

e.g.  Ich hoffe, Arzt zu werden.           

The direct translation would then be ‘I hope  doctor to become’, but we would say ‘I hope to become a doctor’.

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Hausaufgaben – Perfect Tense (Due 16/03/09)




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Past Tenses – Verb Table

Here is a list of common irregular verbs.  Try to learn these verbs off by heart.


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Das Wetter – Vokabeln (Test am 26sten / 27sten Februar)

windy              hailstones  

Es ist windig                                                      Es hagelt

hot                            raining

Es ist heiß                                         Es regnet


stormy                      sunny

Es gibt ein Gewitter                                    Es ist sonnig



Es schneit


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