Hausaufgaben – First Draft Coursework Task 2 – For Monday 23rd November

Write your first draft for your second piece of coursework.  Think carefully about planning before you start writing, remember you can use all your resources, ie. your exercise book, course book, etc.. to help you.  Do not copy things word for word, however, you must change texts so that they are correct for you.   Also remember that if you need to look up more than 2 words in a sentence, you should not use that sentence as it is likely to be inaccurate.  It is better to say a more simplified sentence or to say something different.

coursework task 2

Ensure that you cover 5 topics, they can be the topics detailed below or you could cover something else – but remember it has to be relevant to the title of the essay.


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Hausaufgaben – Fuer Montag 16ten November

The text below gives a simple account of what happened on last weekend’s X-Factor.  Use this model to describe what happened on a different TV show.  Remember, it does not need to be an accurate or very detailed account of what happened, but you must write in the past tense.

Am Wochenende habe ich X-Factor gesehen und es war sehr spannend.  John und Edward waren beide ganz doof und haben wirklich fürchterlich gesungen, aber sie mussten nicht nach Hause gehen, weil Simon hat sie gerettet.  Alle die Leute waren sehr böse auf ihn, obwohl ich es total lustig gefunden habe.’

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Hausaufgabe – Schreibuebung fuer 6ten Oktober

  Fokus S.109, Ü7c

  –Schreib eine Einladung für deine nächste Geburtstagsparty! 

(Write an invitation to yout next birthday party)  Use the model invitation on P.109 of the Fokus book to help you structure your invitation.  Remember to adapt yout language though, so that it is correct for you.

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Coursework: Assignment 1 – 1st Draft for 29th Sept 2009

Please find below the suggested information to include in your assignment.  Remember that you can use your resources and dictionaries to help you produce an excellent, accurate piece of writing, BUT you cannot use translation software (i.e. Google Translator) nor can you ask your friends or teachers to correct work and help you.  Please submit your first draft (hand-written) by 29th September for 11B and 1st October for 11A.  I have enclosed the Powerpoint that we went through last week which talks about the rules for the assignment.

assignment one - jobs

lesson 5 – assignment setting

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Hausaufgaben – Schreibuebung – 10/09/09

Write a short composition in German answering the questions below:

homework - jobs writing

English translations:

1. Where did you do your placement?
2.How did you find it?
3. What was good / bad?
4. What did you learn?
5. What were the people like?
6. What sort of person are you?
7. What would you like to do in the future?

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Hausaufgaben – Jobvokabeln 10/09/09

jobs vocab

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Vokabeln – Fur Montag 22sten Juni

health and fitness vocab 1

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Hausaufgaben – Hausarbeitvokabeln

housework vocab

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Essen und Trinken Vokabeln – für Montag 18ten Mai

basic food and drink

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Extra Revision (Optional)

Use the same password and username as for linguascope.  Click on the link and then work through the exercises in the order that they are displayed.  There are printable worksheets for each topic which are quite challenging (there is a vocabulary sheet to help you complete the exercises).  This is a good site to revise the topics that we did in the first term as well.

The Logo 3 & 4 exercises are good revision tasks.  Also look at the grammar and topic exercises.  There are also some GCSE reading and grammar exercises on this site.

This is the Exam Board web site where you can find lots of useful information about the exams.  Scroll down this page to the Past Papers and Mark Scheme section.  Here you have 3 past papers to practise with.  You can only use the reading papers as the listening recordings are not available on-line.  You are taking Module 2 in May, so download the Module 2 reading papers and the mark schemes.  Practise with both higher and foundation papers and then check your answers using the mark scheme.   (Approx 18 = C, 21 = B, 25 = A, 30 = A*)

This is the BBC’s German GCSE revision site where you can practise with exam style exercises.  Once you have completed the revision section you can then take a mock exam.

This is a useful web-site with on-line quizzes to work through covering a variety of topics.

I hope that these links are helpful and provide useful for you in your revision.  Any feedback (positive or negative) is gratefully received!

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