Homework – for 21st April (part two reading)


1.  Which 2 modes of transport are used in this offer?

2.  How long is the ticket valid for?

3. Name 2 places of interest in Berlin.

4.  Who is the tour ideal for?

5.  How often does the bus run?

6.  Can you take the tour on Sundays?

7.  Where does the tour start?

8.  Where does the tour end?

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Hausaufgaben Essen und Trinken (For 23/03/09)

Read the adverts for the 3 cafes in Vienna.  Then read the wishes of the tourists and match the tourist to the correct cafe.




  1. Peter is an art lover.
  2. Kate wants a warm drink and lunch.
  3. Heidi wants to meet her friends on Sunday.
  4. Gerhard love sausages.
  5. Katrin wants a fairly cheap place where she can go in the evening and listen to music.
  6. Anja wants to try local wine and beer.
  7. Hans has no cash, only a credit card.
  8. Erwin wants a quiet place to read the newspaper.

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